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Dear Sir or Madam,
The Sars-Covid 19 virus is still part of our living and working environment. The coming months are uncertain for all of us. We still think it is important to send out a newsletter today, because we believe it is important to stay in touch.
Enclosed we send you three examples of trying to compensate for the painful lack of personal contact through digital means.
Your Stage|Set|Scenery - Team!
Video Blog - DTHG
Our partner DTHG is tackling this in a very definite way. One talks in partly very personal settings with member of companies and representatives of other international associations. The exchange with the industry has not been stopped, it has shifted. Here you can find an overview of all previous interviews.
Would you like to answer DTHG's questions? Are there exciting developments you want to share? Get in touch with Sanela Kolb.
XPRO is Europe’s new marketplace for showcasing the technologies, products and services employed in the production of experiences in museums, event venues and brand spaces. Every crisis situation also offers opportunities and so the XPRO would like to enter into an exchange in order to jointly identify innovative and business-enhancing ONLINE and ONSITE formats for the future. The aim is to provide the XPRO with a balance between digital and physical formats. In addition, technologies, products and services are being sought that offer solutions to the new challenges. FIVE QUESTIONS are asked to develop an offer that meets the needs and is in line with the times. Contribute your expertise - Simply download the PDF and send the completed document back to
Digital theatre schedule –
The very unique German Theaterfeuilleton on the Internet nachtkritik. de raises the curtain daily on productions by numerous theatres. You can find the programme here.
Meet our Exhibitors!
Find out, which company has already booked their stand for Stage|Set|Scenery 2021. The companies will be presented in the order in which they registered:
JB-Lighting GmbH
Stage and Event Technology
Räder Vogel GmbH & Co.  KG
Decoration and Furnishings
Stage Tec GmbH
Audio, Studio, PA Equipment and Acoustics
Amptown System Company GmbH
Lighting and Illumination Design
Audio, Studio, PA Equipment and Acoustics
Video Technology
Communications and Networks
Audio, Studio, PA Equipment and Acoustics
Astera LED GmbH
Lighting and Illumination Design
Audio, Studio, PA Equipment and Acoustics
Gala System Inc. 
Stage and Event Technology
TR-Electronic GmbH
Stage and Event Technology
Triple E Ltd
Stage and Event Technology
Audio, Studio, PA Equipment and Acoustics
Event Services
Product News
You can customize the section “Product News” to display an overview of products from the Virtual Market Place® based on your personal interests. To do so register at Virtual Market Place® and save product groups or search terms that reflect your interests. In the next issue of our newsletter you will find here interesting products from our exhibitors that have been recently updated and correspond to your interests.


Your contact at Stage|Set|Scenery
Stage|Set|Scenery is the leading trade show for stage, lighting, sound, studio, film, video and media technology, set design, event services, theatre planning, make-up and costume design as well as exhibition and museum technology. The International Stage Technology Conference organised by Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft (DTHG) rounds off the show.
The event is organised by Messe Berlin GmbH and DTHG, its non-commercial sponsor, and takes place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds biennially in June.
Patricia Pohle
tel: +49 30 3038-2003
Joshu Samuels
tel: +49 30 3038-2137
Daniela Henn
tel: +49 30 3038-2133
Hubert Eckart
tel: +49 228 3693934
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