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How can we become more sustainable? As a private person, getting your hands on information is no problem. There is no end to small tips and tricks you can use to become just a little greener in your everyday life. However, for the industry, this is a different story. This is why we compiled a list of 10 tips on how you can make your machine tool manufacturing process more sustainable. You can read them right here.

Sticking to the topic of sustainability and climate change: Metsä Board was recently acknowledged for its efforts in this regard. The company was made part of the A-List of the  CDP's (“Carbon disclosure project”). You can read the reasons for this here.

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10 examples of sustainability in machine tool manufacturing
Sustainability is not a niche topic — more and more machine tool manufacturers are devoting themselves to the subject. Properly implemented, this can lead to advantages in many areas. more
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Company News
Recognition for fighting climate change
Metsä Board was named on CDP’s A-List, recognising their effort in the ongoing fight against climate change by reducing emission and other measures. more
Market News
Plastics statement following signature of USMCA
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) was recently signed. Plastics responds positively to the new chances this enables. Read the statement by the Plastics CEO. more
Mach 2020
Starting the digital journey
Mach 2020 announced that the Made Smarter programme will be exhibiting at the UK’s national manufacturing showcase. Their stand at the exhibition will look to help SMEs start their digital journey. more
More productivity via additive manufacturing
If the weight of PCD tools is reduced, as a rule significantly higher cutting data can be used. Along with design freedom, the possibility of weight optimisation is an advantages of 3D printing. more
PCU offers exact process control and monitoring
The Openair-Plasma process, with its latest developments, from Plasmatreat will be presented at Apex Expo in San Diego, USA, in February 2020. more
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