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Canada: HIV Research
A New Discovery May Thwart HIV Infection at its Early Stages
Université de Montréal virologist Éric Cohen and his team at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute have identified a way to thwart HIV infection at its very early stages. more
UK: Materials Science
Can Fake Rhino Horn Save the Endangered Species?
Scientists from the University of Oxford and Fudan University, Shanghai, have invented a way to create fake rhino horn using horse hair. Published in Scientific Reports they hope their method will provide a blueprint to create credible fakes that could eventually flood a market which has decimated the wild rhino population. more
Researchers Develop a Mass-Producible, Centimeter-Scale Metalens (Scientific Image of the Day)
Organisms, cell structures and molecules made visible in absolute detail, experimental setups viewed from short distance and much more. Our gallery 'Scientific Image of the Day' provides a lot of exciting insights into the world of science — just one click away. more
Singapore: Reduced Energy Loss
How Perovskite Solar Cells Can Capture More Electricity
Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) in a collaboration with the University of Groningen (UG) in the Netherlands, have developed a method to analyse which pairs of materials in next-generation perovskite solar cells will harvest the most energy. more
Sweden: Gene Technology
‘Dumpling Method‘ Shows What Makes Cells Tick
Uppsala researchers have developed a new method for investigating dynamic processes in large genetic libraries. By using this method to study cell cycle regulation, they help paint a clearer picture of the elusive control mechanism. more
Norway: Behavioral Research
Slow Loris Reveal Secrets About Human Sleeping Rhythms
People typically sleep seven to eight hours in one stretch and stay awake for the rest of the day. Evolutionary scientists have assumed that this rhythm of sleep arose when our early ancestors went from being nocturnal to diurnal, but a new study of the Javan slow loris indicates that the human way of sleeping is much older. more
Japan: Electron Cryomicroscopy
Taking a Close Look at the Smallest Universal Joints
Researchers at Osaka University used electron cryomicroscopy to solve the structure of an essential component of the bacterial flagellum with unprecedented resolution. more
Brazil: Acquisition
Lanxess Takes Over Brazilian Biocide Manufacturer IPEL
The acquisition is in line with Lanxess’ strategic focus on profitable specialty chemicals. With this deal, the Lanxess Material Protection Products business unit aims at strengthening its global presence and serving its South American customers via a domestic production facility. more
Saudi Arabia: Bioelectronics
Electronics Hold Gret Potential for Solving Biological Problems
Researchers from multiple disciplines are working together at Kaust to develop bioelectronics that can detect diseases, treat cancers and track marine animals; they may even discover the next generation of computing systems.. more
Switzerland: Medical Devices
Cellulose Membrane Makes Pacemaker Implants Safer
A protective membrane for cardiac pacemakers developed at ETH Zurich has proved successful in animal trials in reducing the undesirable build-up of fibrotic tissue around the implant. The next step is to test the protective membrane in patients. more
USA: Nutrition
Encapsulation Protects Micronutrients from Degrading
MIT engineers have developed a way to encapsulate nutrients in a biocompatible polymer, making it easier to use them to fortify foods. The researchers now hope to run clinical trials in developing nations where micronutrient deficiencies are common. more
Singapore: Laser Technology
Electric Field Brings QCD Lasers Closer to Reality
Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a way to make Colloidal Quantum Dots produce laser light with the help of an electric field. more
Balance check
How to Select the Correct Test Weights and Weight Class
Laboratory technicians often don't know which test weights and weight class they should choose to check the performance of their balances and scales. The free Mettler Toledo GWP Recommendation service specifies the correct test weights and weight class based on the degree of accuracy you need to satisfy your specific process tolerances. more
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